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Bridgefield Consultants provides owner representation services for capital construction projects. The success of your projects is often directly linked with contract administration and work flow processes—two areas that our team has extensive experience in. Explore our site-we are here to serve you, and are focused on saving your organization time and money.

Yes, money matters. Ensuring prompt contractor payments while adhering to organizational and contractual due diligence can often be a challenge. Bridgefield works collaboratively with the owner’s team to create internal processes that promote compliance, maximize efficiency and facilitate prompt contractor payments. In addition, our construction representation services offer owners a wide range of support, from project development through project close-out. And because contractors and subcontractors play such an influential role in a project, we offer interface services to ensure that there is a complete understanding of contractual compliance as it pertains to billings.

As owner advocates, we firmly believe that the essence of good stewardship is the responsible use of an organization’s resources. Accountability and transparency can often become obscure concepts during the course of a construction project, as tight schedules, last minute changes, and countless other contributing factors compete with completing a project on time. To that end, the Bridgefield team works diligently to provide owners with the knowledge and understanding to become more informed and active participants in their capital construction projects.



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